Monday, 5 March 2012

Half an hour of my life.......

Today I tried to ring DWP about the ongoing saga of changing benefits.

First call - 11 minutes only to be short-called by the person on the phone when I get through!  You know; pick up, put down thus disconnecting the call.  Call volume looks fantastic on your stats - shame you just piss so many people off!

Second call - 8 minutes to get though to someone nice, get though the checks only to find I am through to the WRONG department and she  has to transfer me.  OK but I am dumped into the queue for the correct department, no handshake so I will have to go through the checks all over again when I get through.  A further 20 minutes later I lost the will to live and disconnected the call. They cannot give me the direct dial number for the appropriate team as apparently it is classified above top secret or some such shit.

I now have to try again tomorrow to get through to the correct department an try to find out what is happening - or not.

I just want to know what is happening.  It's not rocket science.  A letter, a call - SOMETHING!!!

I feel like I am shouting into an abyss - there is no echo.  The silence is deafening.  I am so stressed with this on so many grounds it is just not funny.

I am about to pick up my stabby knife and go stab, stab, stabbity-stab (not really, its just a measure of my frustration).  It's 30 minutes of my ill and unemployed life I will never get back.

Time for bed.....