Sunday, 19 February 2012

Life with no money

At the outset of this I am standing up and saying in no way is this an attack on the two people who hold my power of attorney for my financial affairs.

I have an enduring power of attorney in place to allow others to manage my money as I am incapable of doing so.  When the POA went into place I was about 7.5k in debt and sinking.  As of now that figure is reducing nicely for which I cannot thank them enough.

Due to the lack of progress on the Incapacity Benefit to Employment and Support Allowance front (see previous post) and the possibility of the little amount of money I have coming on being stopped completely, my trustees have had to take some radical action to make sure that I have some money to cover the essentials in that case.

This has led to me having no spending money - not even enough for a postage stamp.  I am not allowed to buy my own food but have to survive on the food given to me. This consists of 12 tins of baked beans, 12 tins of own brand spaghetti, two jars of Value coffee, 4 jars of Value strawberry jam, 6 loaves of Value wholemeal bread, 1kg margarine and a small amount of cheese.  The electric is paid for me from my money and I have to think about everything I do - like hot water, washing machine, dishwasher and heating. I also get 8 rolls of toilet paper.  I have enough in my bathroom at the moment to last me till July at the earliest!

The monotonous diet is making me ill leading one friend to go and buy me some food to vary my diet.  Believe me, waking up nauseous and ill and staying that way for days is no fun.  There isn't much choice in either either diet or financial options.

Until the whole situation with DWP is resolved (ie I am on the support group) I will have to exist like this.  I have no money for hobbies, no reason to go out and if I do, no money for travel or even a snack if I feel ill while I am out.  It is frustrating and miserable.

I have a letter from my psychiatrist confirming I am not fit to work and exactly how poor my state of health is. I have a letter from an OT confirming exactly the same and that I need help in physical care.  I am on the waiting list for Social Services which will take another 8 months.  What more proof do they need except me in a coffin?  Don't get me wrong - I love to work, I miss it horribly, I miss the camaraderie, I miss the structure of working life.  Most of all I miss my independence.


  1. I'm so sorry things are in such a bad way. I wish there was something practical I could offer to do for you, but I'm afraid all I can really do is make this comment. Hang in there. I really, really hope this gets sorted out as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks Kerry. I hope so too. I thought the DLA debacle was bad enough but this is worse.